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Written by Zanitta M. Harris-Torres

In today’s world, everyone who is anyone is trying to make the proverbial penny stretch “squeal” for mercy.  Everyone is watching where every penny is going.  Some folks are even going so far as to ensure that those pennies are coming back in some form or another.

So the logical and even emotional question is, “How can I save money and make money at the same time?”

There are many options out there but PPSG thinks that we can offer you the best option for your budget.  We know, we know… how is that possible?  There are so many scams out there.  There is always someone or some entity who is trying to take your money away from you.  There is always someone who is looking to stab you and take your hard earned funds out of your wallet and even your bank account(s).  PPSG through the AmeriPlan® USA Corporation is the safety net or force field that you are looking for.  Here is an illustration that PPSG and AmeriPlan® can offer:

1.     Have a Dream.  Dream “BIG”.  Convert that Dream to a Goal.  Make it your goal attainable within moral, ethical and legal means.

When we were children, we were taught to dream.  When we got older, some of us lost that dream for one reason or another.  Now is the opportunity to make a NEW Dream.  Is that dream to have a home big enough to house your entire family?  Is that dream to have a yacht?  Is it to have the ability to ensure that your parents are taken care of during their golden years?  Can it possibly be to have your children’s college fund taken care of?  Might it be to support your religious/ideological organization monetarily?  Could it be to be able to support your community more with your time and funds?  Is it to take those special to you on that vacation adventure without worry?  Is it to create a trust for those special to you?

If any of these resemble some part of your dream, or even if it doesn’t and you know in your heart what it is, then find some physical representation of it.  Place that representation on your desk, in your office, in your planner, on your bedroom mirror, or even on your refrigerator.  Look at it every day.  That is your target!

 2.     Become an Entrepreneur  (Become an Independent Business Owner with PPSG and AmeriPlan)

Work for yourself part-time and then go full-time when “You” are ready

Choose one of the Plans available to empower you and your household.   It is one of the most economical ways to start your own business.  You will start saving money because you will have become a business owner.  You will be able to receive numerous discounts that you may not have even known were available.

We have the following plans that you can use:

AmeriPlan Platinum Series

Platinum Plus – Earn 20 percent commissions
Total Platinum – Earn 30 percent commissions
Platinum Freedom Pass – Earn 40 percent commissions

Each one in its own way will save you money and put you directly on course to start and continue making money.  All you need is to be consistent and follow the training that will be available to you.

 3.     Finally, set a specific amount of time each week and work it like you would a “Normal Job”

When you work for someone else, they expect you to be to work on time and place your focus completely on your job until your specified time is over.  Make the same commitment to yourself and your future.  You deserve what is best for you and yours.

Time is probably of the essence for you.  Ask yourself… How soon can I start this path?  The answer is Right Now!  Let your pennies multiply and turn into large bills that you can use when you need to.  Put the majority of your money back into your piggy bank.

Can you do this?  Absolutely!  Trust yourself and trust in your abilities to make your dreams and goals come true.  Let PPSG and AmeriPlan be YOUR vehicle to creating that safety net, shielding arms or force field to protect what is important to you.  You can be successful if you have a TEAM.


Remember that Success is possible when a shield is in front of you – AmeriPlan, someone is guiding your way by showing you the path – PPSG, and someone by your side and/or behind you pushing you forward – your partner/spouse.


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