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Written by Zanitta M. Harris-Torres


Have you ever gotten into the dentist’s chair thinking everything is okay and then the dentist looks in your mouth and gives you the look.  You know that look, what have you been doing all of this time?

The dentist tells you that you need some work and then thinking that you have the

Give Me back my Money

coverage that will take care of everything, you tell the dentist, “do

what you have to do”.  You

come out of
the chair feeling pretty good about yourself, until you get to the checkout desk.  The checkout receptionist tells you that “your bill is $$$$.$$ and how would you like to take care of the bill”?

My dental bill is what?  This situation is so common that most people get over their shock quickly, perform some mental gymnastics and then try to work out a plan to pay their bill.  In some circumstances some people are lucky enough to get an idea ahead of time of what the cost will be for the work that needs to be done.  Even with prior knowledge, the shock of the bill and the lack of discount can be overwhelming.

So, what can you do to prevent this in the future?  The answer is simple.  PPSG through AmeriPlan® has several plans that offer you the benefit of knowing how much your bill will be in advance.  Now I know that normally if it sounds “Too Good To Be True”, it normally is, but not in this case.  Six of the AmeriPlan’s® products have dental.  What does this mean for you?

Guaranteed prices for most procedures

Price is dependent on your area
    • No price increase for two years
    • No waiting period to use the plan
    • Instant savings of 25% to 80%
    • Visit any AmeriPlan network dentist as many times as you want, no limits

Now the question is, what about if my child that needs braces?  Don’t worry, that is discounted also.  AmeriPlan’s® products allow you to get braces for children at $2000.00.  What if you as an adult want braces, you ask?  Well you aren’t left out either.  Braces for adults are just $2500.00.

PPSG and AmeriPlan® will provide you with the means to lower your stress about your bank account by saving on your dental bills.  You can start this saving this instant.  Instead of getting the bill and saying “My bill is what?”  you can say “Wow my bill is low”.

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