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Written by Bill and Mimi Gamble

I believe we all know the ending of the above phrase as it [Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas] is probably the most known song of all this time of year. 
As you are reciting or singing the song in your head right now, it occurred to me that the nostalgia and hope in the words of the song are so universally appealing that they just draw us into a web of warmth, love, and joyous expectation.  It may surprise you to know that this well-known song almost didn’t make it to the big time because some of the original words were considered depressing.Certainly we want all our Christmases to be white, i.e., not only beautiful, but joyous, special time spent with loved ones, and full of the best the season has to offer.  Taking nothing from the season, to have all our Christmases to be “white”, we must do a lot long before Christmas arrives.  We really can’t enjoy the promise of the lyrics of the 

Christmas Song if we don’t prepare in advance.  “Our troubles will be miles away” only if we keep them at bay.   The “fates’ will allow us to be together always, but the quality of that togetherness is not dependent on luck or magic, but on what we do to enhance the relationship.


AmeriPlan is dedicated to making not only all our Christmases “white”, but to making each day of our lives the very best we could hope for.  AmeriPlan’s health and business options are the best in the industry, and the proof has been in the “figgy” pudding for over twenty years. 



Do yourself a favor and ensure that all your Christmases are “white” with good health, joy, and peace of mind by taking advantage of AmeriPlan’s offer.  And may all your Christmases….

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