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Written by Margaret R. Harris


We are at the end of 2012 and 2013 is around the corner.  We all start to take a hard look at our finances and budget after holiday purchases for friends, family and maybe even business associates.

We look for ways to save money and/or to put money back into the budget for the beginning of the year. .  With that in mind, insurance is something that we normally don’t have any control over.  We are typically stuck with whatever

they (meaning the big companies) tell us.  However, just because we think that myth is

true, it is not.  Insurance, like many words, items, and objects is vastly over rated and wildly misunderstood.  Many people use the word insurance synonymously with and for other forms of health care coverage that better serve the needs of the public.  Simply stated, people are indoctrinated from birth with the word, insurance being the catch all for all things requiring protection and/or coverage.


For over two decades, the AmeriPlan® Corporation has provided virtually all forms of healthcare coverage and other services for clientele now numbering in the millions. AmeriPlan® is the other door to “insurance”.  The really ironic part is AmeriPlan® provides their services at drastically reduced prices, uses essentially the same medical providers and there are no limits, terms, or conditions that inhibit the member from utilizing these awesome services over and over again.

Having reviewed numerous highly rated and prestigious periodicals and magazines, they repeatedly state that traditional insurance is increasingly expensive, the services provided are shrinking, and the wait period to utilize needed services is lengthier.  Simply stated, all but one of AmeriPlan’s® medical services is immediately available upon signage; the other service is a simple and easy three business day waiting period.

Each and every person reading this article should look very closely at their most current and most dated medical coverage statement.  Then, look at your most current dental coverage statement as they are two separate bills.  Lastly, when was the last time you had your vision checked or obtained a new pair of glasses, if needed?  All three statements add up to some very boring reading, but take a big toll on your financial status.


One would ask, how these statements relate to cost, savings and the AmeriPlan® Corporation.  Easy, AmeriPlan® will reduce each and every hospital bill to a financially manageable level for each time the service is used.  Most citizens, unknowingly, pay way

too much for dental coverage and get far too little return on their investment.  As I indicated above, one highly regarded ratings periodical published an article stating, in part, that if your employer does not cover your dental needs in total, it is not worth taking.

Please note, I am paraphrasing their comments, but the point is well taken.  With AmeriPlan®, the Family Dental Plan, at $19.95, provides coverage for entire household, not just actual family members. The providers used by AmeriPlan® are either Fortune 500 members or highly regarded vendors that are nationally recognized.  Moreover, our Dental Plans also provide coverage for vision, prescriptions, and chiropractic needs.

My last few comments or statements for this article are very simple and quite direct:

    • If you have Medicare you do not have complete medical coverage!  You are responsible for 20-percent of any given bill.  Your Medicare coverage does not “cover” any dental issues.
    • Before you renew your “company” provided or partially covered dental coverage, determine what your co-payment is, per month, then take a hard look at the very best, AmeriPlan®, for $19.95.

  • If you have a high deductible healthcare plan, you effectively do not have medical insurance coverage unless you have your deductible readily available in a bank account.


If anyone has questions regarding these comments, please feel free to call anyone of the PPSG members for more details on becoming an AmeriPlan® benefit member.


Have a great finish to 2012 and an even greater calendar year 2013!

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