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 Written by Zanitta M. Harris-Torres

                We’ve all read in history books about the time when medical doctors/physicians making house calls were the norm.  I have to say that during my lifetime, doctors making house calls was a pipe dream.

Like most people, I may be really happy with my family doctor, but there are times when going to the doctor’s office is not an option.

I am pretty sure that there are people out there who have had the sinus headache from Hades or have run out of the medication that is taken on a consistent basis and the doctor’s office hours are long over.  Some of us may have

even been awakened to a child that was crying, with no way of knowing how to make them feel better.  You may
So what is the answer to the initial question?  If you research the internet or even some well-known newspapers and magazines, you might be told that doctors that make house calls are almost extinct.  You might even find a few instances where doctors stubbornly hold on to the idea of visiting their patients.  Well not to worry, there is another option.  PPSG and the AmeriPlan Corporation have a way where you can use current technology and still communicate with a real doctor.have even had the circumstance where you know that you are not feeling good, the doctor isn’t available and you are not sick enough to go to the Emergency Room at the hospital.  You may even be in the situation where you live quite a way from the nearest doctor (i.e. living on farm land or a ranch about 50 or more miles from town).  You might even be part of the RV’rs who don’t have a specific location that is called home.  You may be one of the lucky individuals who have insurance, but home care is not an option that is covered.  You may have a child in school or college and that child needs medical attention but not emergency room attention.


AmeriPlan® offers five different plans that have a feature called AmeriDoc®.  AmeriDoc® allows you to the option to do the following:


  • Upload and sustain the medical histories of everyone in your household to a secure website.
  • Upload current pictures so that physician knows who they are talking to.
  • Upload and maintain all of the medications/prescriptions that you have taken and are continuing to take.
  • Upload pictures and/or videos (if necessary) of whatever the current situation, so that the doctor can see what has happened.
  • Make an appointment to speak to an actual medical professional in three hours or less.
  • Receive a guaranteed return call
  • Get medical questions answered when necessary
  • Receive actual prescriptions and have them sent to the closest pharmacy to you.

 Let PPSG and AmeriPlan® help you with those needs.  So again, where are the doctors that make house calls?  The answer is, that doctor is as close as your cell phone, land line or even webcam.


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