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Written By Bill and Mimi Gamble

     “Embraceable You”, is a popular love song written in 1928, by George Gershwin with lyrics by Ira Gershwin.


Though recorded by many famous artists over the years including Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, and Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday’s 1944 rendition of the song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2005.  The

song speaks volumes of touching words for the lover’s intended, including the many “charms” and how “irreplaceable” the object of the lover’s affection truly is.

     It occurred to me that while the lyrics are directed at the love object of the singer, how much more many of us need to embrace not only our loved ones, but also ourselves.  Many of us spend inordinate amounts of time, energy, and money, (and affection) on those we love, which I’m sure is completely deserved.  However, it is also true that we don’t embrace ourselves nearly as much as we need to.  At the beginning of a new year many of us give ourselves some attention by promises of things we will accomplish for ourselves

over the next 12 months.  New gym memberships are highest in January as we have promised ourselves to lose so many pounds over the next year.  Unfortunately, about half of these promises are broken by February 1.

     Part of the problem is that we fail to recognize just how embraceable we are.  What if you could not embrace those you love because you did not embrace yourself, i.e., take care yourself to be able to take care of others?  I

always take note of the steward’s flight announcement for those traveling with children that in case of loss of oxygen to don their masks before assisting children with theirs.  In other words, they must take care of themselves before they are effective in assisting others.


Embracing ourselves includes taking care of our health as well as those we love.  AmeriPlan has many programs to help us do just that.  AmeriPlan’s dental, vision, medical, and other support services are second to none, and help you with the embracing of yourself, loved ones, employees, and others at the cheapest costs in the business.  Remember the “Embraceable You”, and enjoy the highest quality of life on the planet for you and those you love.


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