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By Edward W Harrison

Do you know of a friend, co-worker, family member or even yourself who has been the victim of identity theft?

The hassle of filing a police report, canceling checking and credit card accounts, standing in line at the DMV to obtain a new drivers license, notifying the credit bureaus and trying to convince your creditors that you’re not responsible for those unauthorized charges on your statements. What a nightmare for the average consumer!


You‘re probably saying to yourself, identity theft happens to other people. I keep close tabs on my purse and wallet while shopping or visiting my favorite coffee house. Let me share with you a story about Julie, the young mother of

two, 6 months and 3 years of age. Julie was shopping in the local department store with her kids when the three year old suddenly ran
off towards the toy display. Julie pursued her child, briefly forgetting she’d left her infant and purse in the shopping cart. When Julie returned to her cart, with the 3 year old in hand, she continued her shopping. Julie then approached

the checkout counter to pay for her items; she reached into purse only to discover her wallet was missing from it. Julie’s wallet contained her credit cards, driver’s license, cash and social security card etc.

The nightmare had just begun for Julie and her family. The person who stole her wallet immediately took on Julies’ identity and made several large purchases on her credit cards.  This is classic identity theft.

What can the consumer do to protect themselves from the horror of identity theft? I recommend PPSG and AmeriPlan’s Platinum Programs that feature ID Theft Protection. Please see details below:

AmeriPlan® Platinum Series

  • Real- time 24/7/365 monitoring for fraudulent activity

    • DMV
    • Credit Bureaus
    • Bankruptcy  filings
    • Utilities
    • Public Records
    • Private databases
  • Alerts you to any potential fraudulent activity with your identity
  • ID theft restoration
  • Work with you step by step to restore your identity , credit rating , and your good name
  • $ 20, 000 worth of ID reimbursement insurance to cover the cost of restoring your identity

Finally, parents beware. The identity thieves are now stealing your kids’ social security numbers and selling them on the internet. This nightmare can be prevented.  Let AmeriPlan Platinum products can give you peace of mind.

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