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By Edward W Harrison

     “Honey why are you wasting your time by going to a chiropractor, these guys and gals aren’t real doctors?“ I made these remarks over 20 years ago, after my wife was involved in a rear- end collision on a California freeway while driving to work.

My wife sustained back and neck injuries as a result of the traffic accident. Of course, my intelligent wife did not listen to me, and upon a recommendation from a

colleague, she went to professional chiropractor who has helped her tremendously with her neck pain. Over the years, she has continued to see a chiropractor every month for basic treatment and spine adjustments to support her active life style.


     Yes, I was a skeptic and a non-believer of chiropractors. I needed education on the profession. My research revealed that to become certified chiropractor with the initials “DC“, one must complete an

undergraduate degree plus four years of chiropractic college. I also learned that chiropractors see about 22 million Americans a year. They treat various ailments such as back, neck and sport injuries etc. Many chiropractors also incorporate nutritional counseling and prevention as an integral part of their practice.

This is why PPSG and AmeriPlan Corporation have partnered with 7500 chiropractors around the country to be a part of our health programs. Families can save 30% to 50 % on chiropractor visits. Chiropractor services are included in AmeriPlan’s dental, health and platinum programs.

Finally, I now receive treatment from a chiropractor who is a provider in our medical network. I love the treatment and

care. These professionals are not quacks but true medical doctors. Try one. You’ll enjoy the experience.


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