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Written by Zanitta M. Harris-Torres

        All of a sudden, you are a new mother and/or father and say to yourself “I have to protect my family”.  Of course that simple mental statement comes with a myriad of “to dos”.  The normal starting line begins with:


      • Creating some type of savings account.
      • Purchasing and maintaining some type of life or term life insurance
      • Creating and maintaining a will
      • Having an attorney
      • Stating what your wishes would be for your children, should the unthinkable occur

Now this list is nowhere complete.  It could go on and on, but what if there was an easier way to start to protect your loved ones?

  What if you don’t have loved ones, but you want to endow someone or some charitable organization with your estate your time on this planet has passed?  The optimum question is, “how do I start to create and secure my legacy for the future”?  There are many schools of thought on this, but I will tell you that I have found the easiest plan of action for me and I want to share that plan with you.

In a lot of ways, a legacy can only occur if you have put a lot of prior planning and following the plan to fruition. AmeriPlan® offers everyone the same opportunity by enrolling in the Platinum Series Programs.  Regardless of which program is chosen, each allows you to create and sustain a legacy for your family.  You wonder what I did; well here is an example of how this IBO has secured the legacy for the future.

AmeriPlan® Platinum Series

  • Become an AmeriPlan® USA Independent Business Owner
    • Be Proud of the fact of being an AmeriPlan® IBO
    • Learn the AmeriPlan® products to the best of my ability
    • Educate the public about the products
    • Keep my business cards handy and share my cards with anyone willing to listen
  • Reach the rank of Regional Sales Director in AmeriPlan® USA
  • When the rank is reached, Sign the Contract with AmeriPlan®

The last one is the most important one of note.  When I signed that contract with AmeriPlan®, it was one of the happiest days of my life.  I knew that as long as I followed the rules and regulations that AmeriPlan® corporate set forth, my children and my future generations would always have the legacy that I set forth.

Nothing worth having comes without “blood, sweat and tears” or putting in your own time and some type of investment.  So, do you have your legacy secured?  If not, come join the Pikes Peak Strategic Group and AmeriPlan®.  We will help you to start the process of creating your legacy and securing your legacy for the future.

Are you ready to start?

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