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 Written by Zanitta M. Harris-Torres

            Spring is knocking at the door and it’s time to clear out all the winter dust bunnies, clothes, documents, magazines and even bills paid and unpaid that have accumulated in our home.

We go

through our finances to figure what we have left to spend and reconsider all of the resolutions that we didn’t  follow through on.  Then we start to remember that tax time is a little over a month away and we start to wonder how we can reduce, reuse or even recycle what we have so that the next tax time is less stressful.

     Ahhh, spring cleaning, it is supposed to help us feel better so that we get a fresh start just like the earth gets a fresh start after winter.  What generally happens is that some of us use spring cleaning to go spring shopping.  We say to ourselves “I am a new person, or we are a new family, or we need a updated design in our home”.  Shopping is a quintessential need or ideal that we all perform to make our livelihoods better.

Is shopping a necessity?  Shopping is what makes capitalism so successful.  People love to have something new that makes them feel better.  Capitalism helps the United States prosper.  So, does that mean that people want to pay top dollar for what they purchase?  The honest answer to the question of paying top dollar is no.  Most people want to know that they are getting the best bang for their hard earned dollars.

The next most logical question in this journey is how do we get the best bang for our buck?  Some may say, clip coupons.  Others will say, look at the newspaper or pay attention to the commercial barkers for the best deal.  However, let us fill you in on an easier way to get the best bang for your hard earned dollars.  The simple answer is AmeriPlan.  AmeriPlan has partnered with several different companies to provide its members with a means of getting the best price.  Which companies?  The ones listed below are just a miniscule portion of the companies providing AmeriPlan members’ discounts:

1.    AAMCO                  Alamo Rent A Car      Dell

2.    Golf Smith           Home Depot                Office Depot

3.    Naturalizer           Sprint                          Verizon

How can you get access to these continual discounts?  Join with the AmeriPlan by becoming a member or an Independent Business Owner through the Pikes Peak Strategic Group.  You will have automatic access to any discounts available that AmeriPlan has access to.  Spring Cleaning… Old is swept out the door.  Spring Shopping, here we go!


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