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Many families in the United States are increasingly feeling the pinch as healthcare costs continue to rise and budgets are tighter. Dental bills are very costly and many parents have children who need braces, yet they struggle with how to pay for the orthodontic work. Dental insurance that covers braces and discount dental plans are two methods which may help bring down the expense of braces.

Cost of Braces

The cost of braces will depend on where you live and how much work needs to be done, but they typically fall between $4000 – $6000. Dental insurance that covers braces often pays a portion of this cost while a discount dental plans plan gives the subscriber a pre-determined percentage off the total price.

Types of Braces

Today there are more options than just the traditional metal brackets, but be aware that the type of braces you purchase may play a determining role in the cost. For example, “invisible” or clear braces are often more desirable because they are less noticeable, but they usually cost more.

Ways To Pay

Braces are expensive but there are several ways to help cover the cost. Oftentimes Dental insurance that covers braces will cover some portion of the expense, but usually not all. If you have discount dental plans you can get a substantial discount off the total price. If neither of these options is available, ask your orthodontist if you can set up a monthly payment plan, or think about getting financing through a bank.

What About Dental Insurance That Covers Braces?

All dental insurance policies vary, so not all will give the same coverage for orthodontic work. Some insurance won’t cover braces at all, while the best that most can hope for is 50%. It is important to realize that when an insurance company says they will pay 50% off the cost, it doesn’t always mean that half the fees will be covered. Many traditional insurance plans have a lifetime orthodontic maximum of $1000 to $1500. This means you may still end up $3500 of a $5000 bill. Because difficult discrepancies such as these may exist with dental insurance that covers braces, it is simpler for many people to find discount dental plans that gives an upfront discount off of orthodontic work.

Discount dental  plans are an affordable option for anyone looking for help paying for braces. Often people find out the upfront cost and then go shopping for dental insurance to help foot the bill. Understanding the limitations on dental insurance that covers braces and realizing that there is alternative method with discount plans is helpful for anyone needing to pay for braces.

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