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AmeriPlan is an organization that offers discount medical programs including medical, vision, chiropractic plans, and the ever-popular AmeriPlan Dental Plan. Ameriplan  offers customers the opportunity to get discount dental care and discount health care from providers that have agreed to offer their services under the plan. Ameriplan Dental PlanThe AmeriPLan Dental plus plan offers discounts of between 25 and 65% on cosmetic dental work and restorative work such as fillings and crowns. In addition it offers discounts of up to 80% on preventative dental care such as teeth cleaning and x-rays that are performed by a general dentist. Dental services that are performed by a specialist are offered at discounts of up to 25%.

Ameriplan discount dental plans also offer big discounts on braces – both for children and adults.

What Does AmeriPlan Cover
Ameriplan is not a traditional insurance or health organization so unlike insurance plans that do not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions, the AmeriPlan dental policy will cover all ongoing problems except for contracted treatment and treatment that is already in progress when the plan is taken out.

Getting Started With AmeriPlan Dental
Signing up for AmeriPlan is simple, all you have to do is get in touch with a provider and open a policy. The Dental Plus membership costs just $19.95 per month and will cover everyone in your household. There is no limit on the number of visits that you can make to your provider, and you can pay either monthly or quarterly, or you can pay for a whole year of coverage in advance. When you take out the dental plan, you get the prescription, vision and chiropractic plans as well, at no additional cost to you.

There are more than 30,000 dentists registered as part of the plan as well as more than 7,5000 chiropractors, 12,000 optometrists and 50,000 pharmacies. This means that no matter where you live you should find it easy to access affordable health and dental care.
Once you sign up for the plan, you should get a Member Information Guide as well as a membership card. These cards will be sent to you in the post and should arrive within 10-14 days of your application for membership being received. To get your AmeriPlan discount you must present your membership card when you access treatment. Payments are made at the time that you access the service.

AmeriPlan is an important service that puts care and treatment back into the hands of the physician or dentist. It is a good policy for patients because it gives them access to affordable healthcare and dental care, and it is good for providers because it ensures that they get paid at the time that the patient needs the treatment, instead of having to wait up to four months the way that they do with more traditional insurance policies.

AmeriPlan offers high quality, affordable healthcare and dental care to the people who need it the most, and the cost of the plan is something that is within reach of any family, even families that are on relatively low incomes. This means that everyone can have the peace of mind that they need when it comes to protecting their own health and the health of their loved ones.

oral healthAmeriPlan discount health and dental plans are designed to save you money while providing the health and dental care you and your family needs. Get started now and you’ll be amazed at the level of medical and dental services and the low cost.

*The merchants and the savings associated with their respective products and/or services offered are subject to change without notice.

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