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What To Do If You Need Braces But Have No Insurance

Nowadays many people are looking to alter their appearance in one way or another, but in numerous cases the desire to change one’s looks is based on necessity rather than aspiration – especially important if you need braces but have no insurance. While cosmetic surgery has become popular, dental treatments still remain prevalent among individuals who present with skew teeth that can be detrimental to their physical and psychological well-being. Unfortunately, many insurance companies still review dental procedures as cosmetic surgery and are uncertain on whether to provide an individual with the insurance policy. This article will provide you with more information on dental procedures and the insurance plans so that you have some knowledge when seeking out the best options available.

1. Wearing braces as a dental treatment

need braces but have no insuranceIf you are unfortunate enough to have teeth that do not bite together correctly you are suffering from a malocclusion. A malocclusion can be caused by a variety of factors including thumb sucking, accidents, the early loss of milk teeth, or event genetic inheritance from parents. Signs of a malocclusion consist of the upper front part of the jaw protruding or showing a mild misalignment in comparison to the bottom jaw. This will lead to an incorrect bite of the teeth where the top teeth are in front of the bottom.

In order to rectify this difficulty one would require the wearing of a brace. The brace will place gentle pressure on the opposing teeth and, over time, will push the teeth into the correct setting allowing for a natural bite. However, this wearing of a brace requires long-term fitting and can be expensive dependent on the severity of the problem.

Claiming dental insurance on braces treatment

Despite orthodontic treatment being the only means of treating malocclusions, many health insurance companies view this type of dental procedure as cosmetic surgery. This being the case, additional funds to cover specific treatments are not provided and you may find yourself in a ‘need braces but have no insurance’ situation. However, there are methods whereby you can obtain dental insurance to cover the cost of braces if necessary and escape the ‘need braces but have no insurance’ situation successfully.

1. Locate a company offering inclusive insurance

It may seem obvious, but many people do not realize that some dental insurance companies will offer coverage inclusive of the additional braces insurance. It is highly recommended you seek out one of these companies and discuss your options with the relevant insurance agent.

2. Finding the payment plan

The option of a dental payment plan is an alternative to braces insurance. While this may not be as beneficial as insurance with braces coverage, it will allow you to pay the full cost of the treatment over a prolonged time instead of the required lump sum.

3. Paying the lump sum

One moreĀ option is to pay for the dental treatment upfront in its entirety. This is a viable option; however it can be expensive dependent on the type of braces you are purchasing. It is highly recommended that you seek out the previously mentioned payment methods before opting for this one.

As can be seen, finding the best dental treatment for your difficulty is possible; however if you find yourself in a ‘need braces but have no insurance’ situation you must seek out alternatives for payment.

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