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During a given year, nearly a quarter of all Americans will avoid seeing a dentist due to the cost of dental care. Dental expenses can be quite high, especially for root canals, crowns and braces. Many people find themselves unable to afford to pay them outright. Because of these expenses, finding a way to make dental care more affordable is important.

There are two main avenues you can take to reduce the cost of dental care. First, you can find a dental insurance policy. Second, you can join a discount dental plan – like Ameriplan Discount Dental plan. While both of these plans are intended to help you save money, only one really gets that job done, and that is a good qualtiy discount dental plan. There are important differences between a discount dental plan and traditional dental insurance that you need to understand.

dental insurance or discount dental plansDental insurance works much like any other form of health insurance, except it only covers dental care. You pay a monthly premium, and in exchange, your insurance plan covers a certain percentage of the cost of care. In many cases, that cost will be further discounted as long as your dentist belongs to the right network of providers.

As with other types of health insurance, there are several different types of dental insurance plans you can choose from. For example, choosing a dental HMO often gives you lower premiums and co-pays, and you may not have a deductible. However, you are restricted to only seeing dentists who belong to the HMO’s network.

A dental preferred provider organization, or PPO, gives you more flexibility in who you can see. Even if you see a dentist who is out of network, your insurance may still pay for a portion of the cost, though doing so will be more expensive than seeing an in-network provider. You will still be responsible for a portion of your dental expenses.

However, PPO plans have higher premiums. They also generally have an annual maximum of how much the plan will pay. This means that you are responsible for any costs that exceed this limit. These plans also cover more of the cost of preventative care, such as cleanings and X-rays, than of more involved care, such as fillings, root canals, or orthodontia.

Most dental insurance plans are limited in coverage. There is almost always a set limit on the amount of coverage they will pay for in a year and once you reach that limit, the insurance stops. $1,200 to $1,800 limit on coverage for a year is typical for traditional dental insurance – not including routine maintenance care. If you’re looking at a $6,000 bill for braces or $7,500 for extensive crown work, those limits for dental insurance are of little comfort.

Most, if not all dental insurance plans have strict pre-existing condition limitations. There may be a waiting period requirement of several months to a year to receive treatment for a pre-existing condition, even though you are paying monthly for the insurance.

And, more often than not, really expensive treatments like braces are normally not covered under dental insurance.

Joining a discount dental plan may also reduce the amount you have to spend on care, reducing your out of pocket dental expenses, but it is important to understand that these plans are not just another form of insurance. Instead, they are more like buyer’s clubs. You pay an annual membership fee, and in exchange, you qualify for a predetermined discount on the cost of dental care.

You have to pay the dentist yourself, but when you show your proof of membership, you will be charged a lower price. However, you have to make sure that your dentist accepts your dental plan. Otherwise, you will have to pay the full cost of any care that you receive. Remember that with the Ameriplan Discount Dental plan you will have access to over 75,000 dental providers all across the US. You can click HERE to find an Ameriplan discount dental provider in your area.

The Ameriplan Discount Dental has no waiting period before you can receive a discounted service – except for ongoing dental treatments. This means that you absolutely CAN join the discount dental plan and then go to see the dentist the very same day!

Unlike strict dental insurance, the Ameriplan Discount Dental offers discounts of 40%, 50% or more for the really
expensive dental treatments like root canals, crowns, dentures – and even braces!

Comparing a discount dental plan vs dental insurance will help you decide which approach is best suited for your
situation. Studies like the one in Forbes magazine (click HERE to read it) have determined that a discount dental plan is a better deal than traditional dental insurance. In the end it’s up to you to know which option is better for you – dental insurance or discount dental plans.

Receiving timely dental care is important, so make sure to take steps to make dental care more affordable for you and your family.

oral healthAmeriPlan discount health and dental plans are designed to save you money while providing the health and dental care you and your family needs. Get started now and you’ll be amazed at the level of medical and dental services and the low cost.

Ameriplan Discount Dental plans and Discount Health Plans are not insurance. 

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