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AmeriDoc is AmeriPlan’s popular telemedicine program. The service is included in the Ameriplan Lifestyle, AmeriDocAmerican MD Plus, and Ameriplan Healthcare discount health plans.

Members who currently have any of these AmeriPlan discount medical plans will enjoy an affordable and convenient alternative to in-office doctor visits through the service at a fraction of the cost of a regular doctor visit – mush the highly inflated cost of an emergency room visit.

Statistics show that an AmeriDoc telemedicine consultation can replace up to 70% of in-doctor visits for common conditions. AmeriDoc can help with the following:

  • colds and flu
  • allergies
  • pink eye
  • rashes
  • allergies
  • and many more relatively minor medical issues

The best part about the AmeriDoc benefit is the fact that you get help without having to leave your home. Especially convenient if you are not up traveling and without the need for queuing in waiting rooms, hoping and praying to hear your name called!

AmeriDoc uses US based doctors who are also licensed and board certified. To obtain quick and convenient medical advice, diagnosis, medical information, and prescriptions all members have to do is simply call in or email.

Ameridoc is a great complement to everybody’s daily healthcare needs. Once you join one of the three Ameriplan health plans that supports the AmeriDoc plan, you receive round the clock care when and where you need it. You get access to healthcare every day of the year and you are never constrained by space since you can access it from your office, your home, or anywhere else that you may be.

If you wish to schedule a consultation with the service, all you have to do is go to the website and log in. Alternatively, you can call in to speak to a professional medical assistant. Just as you would in case of a first time in-office visit to your doctor, you will also have to provide basic health information.

The AmeriDoc Service offers two types of consultations.

Informational consultations
Informational consultations are great for access to doctors for general advice and information. For these consultations, you will be connected to a doctor directly via phone in less than one minute. The doctor will answer via secure email request in less than half an hour. The best thing about these consultations is that they do not incur any extra charges.

Diagnostic Consultations
Diagnostic consultations are detailed consultations that aim to diagnose common conditions. Diagnostic consultations may include development of a treatment plan and may involve prescribing medications. These consultations attract a charge of $17.50 per consultation.

Additional AmeriDoc Features

  • You are not limited to the number of times you can use the service
  • You can get access to pediatricians if needed
  • If you desire, your medical records can be forwarded to your regular doctor and he or she can work in conjunction with the service to make sure that you are receiving the care you need.
  • If you create an account via the website, you will receive a username and password. However, if you create an account via phone you will have to call AmeriDoc and ask for your login details. Once you receive your password, you will have to change it after the initial login.
  • AmeriDoc offers family memberships as opposed to household memberships. The service defines family accounts as those that include primary and up to five dependents. Dependents may comprise of a member’s wife or husband as well as eligible children below 26. Eligible children are member’s son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, adopted child, eligible foster child, or child legally placed with member for adoption.

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