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Choosing the right health insurance starts by understanding health insurance and acknowledging the various types of health insurance products that are available. There are factors that one needs to consider when choosing insurance coverage for your health, it is important that you consider all variables that can benefit you as the insured. The cheapest insurance coverage is not always the best, but the most effective one is more convenient.

Where Do You Find Health Insurance?

Health Insurance Approved Form Showing Successful Medical ApplicationHealth insurance is easy to find than most people think. Depending on the state you are living in, you can buy health insurance coverage from a private  insurance company (very limited after the passage of the Affordable Care Act) or though a government agency (i.e. www.healthcare.gov). Both are reliable options, and the insurance coverage is paid in the form of monthly premiums.

Understanding Health Insurance Plans

After identifying where to find health insurance for yourself, it is necessary that you understand different plans that are offered through the Affordable Care Act. There are  four plans available for health insurance. The first one is the bronze plan and the second category is the silver. Furthermore, the third and fourth categories are known as Gold and Platinum.

Each of the individual plans has its own benefits and the amount of money that you are required to pay for the particular plan can vary by quite a bit. The more expensive the plan is normally the one with the least deductible, and the most benefits. If your state had a government-run insurance exchange, you should find their website and familiarize yourself with the insurance products available. If your state has no exchange, go to www.healthcare.gov and read up on plans, benefits and costs.

For you to completely understand health insurance, you need to understand different terminologies use by insurance companies.

Terminologies Used For Health Insurance


There are different ways of settling payment for your health insurance coverage. Copayment is a fixed fee that you are required to pay for doctor’s appointment. The bill does not affect the insurance company since you required to pay the doctor directly. However, the fee you pay will depend on the insurance policy you have chosen.


Coinsurance is much more flexible for those who wish to spend less on their health coverage plan. However, the cost of the health care services is shared between you and the company that you bought the insurance policy from.


Deductibles are difficult for most people because you are required to pay an annual payment before the insurance company policy can take effect. How much you pay in terms of premium will depend on the deductibles. Higher deductibles normally coincide with lower-priced health insurance products while  low deductibles cause high premiums.


This is the annual rate for the health insurance coverage. Furthermore, it is a fixed charge or rate that is normally settled at the end of each month.

How Do You Pay For Health Insurance?

Health insurance coverage can be paid in different ways depending on where you live. In some states, you pay for insurance health care in form of monthly premiums while in other states health insurance is settled in form of taxes. If you are using a government run state health insurance exchange, your premium will be paid directly to that state.

Understanding health insurance policies is important in order to be able to purchase the one that suits you best. Furthermore, it makes your life much easier knowing that you are protected from certain health-related emergencies.

After you’ve selected the health insurance that best suits your needs, you should consider a quality discount dental plan to help with out-of-pocket dental expenses because none of the health insurance plans mentioned cover dental expenses.

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