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About TriCare Military Dental

Whether you are currently serving in the armed forces, or have already left with a good standing record, you need to make certain that you have good dental coverage in order to keep your oral health maintained. The TriCare Military Dental program choices can assist you in this endeavor. After all, your oral health is just as important as other aspects of your well-being and can contribute to your overall health – good or bad.

Watch our short video – “Is TriCare Military Dental Insurance Worth It”

Variations Of Tricare Military Dental Insurance

There are variations in the service, which you need to be aware of so that you make the right choices and have the appropriate documentation ready when you contact TriCare  Dental Insurance. You can select coverage for yourself and your family members that is good in the United States. Alternatively, there is a choice that will provide dental coverage for you if you are currently living in another country.

Watch our short video – “Is TriCare Military Dental Insurance Worth It”

You can decide upon the active duty plan if you are active, including if you are in certain guard or reserve services. You will need to investigate whether or not this would be appropriate for you in that situation. This program also covers those who need care while in the line of duty and will work as well for those who are currently wounded.

Another option available through Tricare is the dental plan for family members. This is good for spouses and children that fall within the guidelines for family coverage. The military member must be active in order for the family to qualify for this coverage. There is a different plan available for family members of reserve and guard members who are not active.

TriCare Dental Insurance For Retirees

Alternatively, a retiree plan is available for those who have served their country and retired. This plan is voluntary and can include family members and those who have retired from the guard or reserves for an extra monthly fee. Additionally, Medal of Honor recipients and their family members may apply through this program. It is also applicable for survivors.

You will need to look into these plans to determine which one is appropriate for you. Find out what the exact coverage and rates are so that you can compare them to other options you may have in the civilian sector. After all, it is important that you maintain dental coverage for yourself and your family while doing so at an affordable rate. The more data you have beforehand, the better you will be at making the choice for dental coverage.

Each of these programs is contracted through different providers. Speak with a representative of the contracted company in order to find out more. If you have any special concerns regarding dental care, make sure that you ask about them during the application process.

TriCare Dental Insurance Can Be Expensive & have Limited Coverage

While TriCare Dental Insurance does have some positives, you really need to be aware of the negatives. Below are just a few of the details you should be aware of.

  • Family Members Must Purchase TriCare Dental Program Insurance (extra cost)
  • $130.00/month for TriCare Dental (estimate based on 4-member family)
  • $1,750.00/Maximum Annual Benefits/person (TDP Benefit Book)
  • 80 Page TriCare Dental Insurance Handbook of rules, coverages, exclusions and more!

An Alternative To Expensive TriCare Dental Insurance

The AmeriPlan Dental Plus fee-for-services discount plan can be a great, low-cost alternative to expensive and limited TriCare Dental Insurance.

Offering discounts of up to 64% on virtually all dental services, the AmeriPlan Dental Plus can save you more money on dental services vs. a “traditional dental insurance plan, like Tricare Dental.  Here are some of the benefits of the AmeriPlan Dental Plus plan:

  • Is Less expensive than TriCare at $24.95/month (a $1,320 annual savings)
  • Covers your entire household (NOT just immediate family members)!
  • Has No limits on coverages and cost savings
  • Has No pre-existing exclusions (except for orthodontic treatments in progress)
  • The Overall annual cost/benefits solidly beats TriCare Dental Insurance!
  • Has NO long-term contracts!
  • Features Superior Customer Service from Pikes Peak Strategic Group & AmeriPlan

Why pay more and get less with TriCare Military Dental? Don’t you owe it to yourself to learn more about saving money on oral health and saving money on dental insurance that may be a pretty bad deal? Click HERE for our FAQ or just give us a call at 1-855-878-7774 and we’ll answer all your questions.

oral healthAmeriPlan discount health and dental plans are designed to save you money while providing the health and dental care you and your family needs. Get started now and you’ll be amazed at the level of medical and dental services and the low cost.

*The merchants and the savings associated with their respective products and/or services offered are subject to change without notice.

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