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Over 140 Million Americans Have No Dental Insurance

Did you know that over 140 million Americans don’t have dental insurance? Even those who have some form of dental coverage, have dental insurance plans with low annual maximums and high deductibles and massive coverage restrictions, making them far too expensive and limited to really be of much use. The majority of available dental plans pay only 50% of the cost of expensive dental procedures such as root canals, and many are limited to $1,500 a year. This is just an overview of the growing dental healthcare crisis in America.

Oral Healthcare Crisis

The problem looks even worse where the close connection between oral health and overall health is considered. Skipping dental health care may have serious consequences for millions of Americans. There are millions of people retiring to a hospital bed just because they waited too long in order to get the required dental care.

The latest facts were revealed in a report released by the Federal Reserve Board of the U.S. as told by the Huffington Post. The report contained alarming statistics about the ability of its citizens to obtain dental health care. The report was released 15-years after U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher’s interesting assessment of the oral health condition in America. In it, the report revealed that access to affordable dental healthcare has not improved even after a decade and a half, especially among the ethnic groups and low income families. More than 32% of the surveyed stated that they found it difficult to survive a three month period of financial disruption that may have resulted from a life threatening event like a loss of job or death of a family breadwinner.

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) No Help

Many individuals said that even with Obamacare, which permitted many uninsured people to become enrolled in a health plan, a medical emergency was their number one financial hardship. Dental care featured on top of the list of necessary medical care people did not get because of financial hardships. The subjects were asked whether there was a time they needed to see a doctor during the past 12-months. 25% of the participants answered that they needed dental care within the past 12-months while only 15% said that they required to see a general practitioner. This shows how frequently a person will require to see a dental practitioner compared to any other specialist. But the majority of these people don’t have the means of visiting a dentist because of the high costs involved in the process, and not possessing the required dental care coverage.

All this information points toward the growing dental healthcare crisis in the country. Sadly, the nation has made very little progress during the past 15-years in this aspect. There are some positive developments over the past one and a half decade such as the Affordable Care Act making dental benefits available to more kids while more people are getting sealants that will help them prevent tooth decay. These are meager developments compared to the graveness of the crisis. The country needs to find an effective way in order to make sure that every citizen has access to quality oral health care.

Solve Your Oral Health Care Crisis

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