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While most people are used to bargaining when buying products or hiring other sorts of service, very few people tend to negotiate medical bills – even though, according to statistics from the Kaiser Family Foundation, a third of the world’s population has problems paying their medical costs.

Here are some great tips that’ll help you lowering your medical bills:

Try To Lower Your Facility Costs

A nice way to keep your bills lower from the very beginning is by bringing down the facility costs. An experienced surgeon or doctor is usually capable of working in various different settings, so you can arrange with them to work in a cheaper venue, such as an outpatient surgical center instead of the local hospital.

Should you find a cheaper facility, remember to verify with your insurance provider and make sure the facility is in its network. Otherwise you could end up with much higher co-pays, or find out that your out-of-pocket cost doesn’t apply toward your deductible.

Ask At The Right Time

It’s very unlikely that you’ll successfully negotiate a payment right after it’s been sent. Usually it’s a good idea to wait a few weeks – but not enough for it to go to collections. It’s also recommended that you call early in the morning, since by the afternoon, the worker you’ll get on the phone is already worn out, and has probably gotten a few angry calls of people trying to negotiate – so they’ll likely be angry and on the defensive as well.

Be Polite

Whether you’re talking to a secretary or a supervisor, always make sure to be kind and courteous – this way, the workers are much more likely to want to help you. If you lose your temper and treat them badly, they might even go out of their way to make things harder for you – so make sure you’re patient.

Try To Pay Cash Immediately Instead Of In Installments

In order to make your offer more attractive, you can offer to pay a bit less, but in cash instead of installments. By saying you can’t pay the full bill but can pay X amount on the same day, they will probably save themselves the trouble and take it. Just make sure you do have the amount you’re offering available on the same day, and ask them to give you written confirmation that the amount sent will pay the bill in full.

If All Else Fails, Contact Your Physician

Not all doctors have control over billing, but some do – and when you have a long relationship with them it can be useful to see if they can help, especially if it’s a really large bill. Check the going rate for similar services in your area and bring a list with you, so you can have evidence that they’re charging more than other nearby providers, making it more likely that they will lower your bills.

Even if it can seem unusual to try and negotiate medical bills, doing so is an excellent idea. With the tips above, you’ll probably be able to get a considerable discount, instead of paying thousands of dollars in medical bills without even trying to bargain. Next time you need medical treatment, negotiate – there’s nothing to lose in trying!

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