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If you are currently with TriCare dental insurance, otherwise known as TRDP (click HERE to visit TRDP.org), you are likely a military retiree. This is one of the more popular plans out there that has reasonable rates that covers most of the basic reasons for going to a dentist, and has a large network of nationwide dental practices that will accept this type of insurance. According to their website, they will actually save you over 20% on your out-of-pocket costs, saving you hundreds of dollars every year. They will even pay for 100% coverage on preventative services and diagnostics, and dentists will submit your claims for you automatically area however, there are other options that are available for quality dental insurance, at even lower premiums, especially when you work with a company called AmeriPlan Dental Plus.

Here is an overview of TRDP, the type of plans that they cover, and finally why you should switch over to AmeriPlan Dental Plus for much better savings and lower monthly membership costs.

TriCare Dental Insurance

This is a dental insurance company that works directly with Delta Dental, coverage that is provided for retirees. In order to join, you have to make sure that it is during the enrollment time, and you should also look at the benefits that are available. For example, they provide you with not one but two cleanings every year for your teeth, and if you are diabetic, you are also allowed to have a third that is paid for by the insurance. There are two routine exams that you can get, as well as x-rays that you can get once a year to make sure that everything is functioning properly with your teeth and gums. These services are covered at 100%, with no applicable deductible. They also will cover root canals, oral surgery and gum surgery with a maximum of $1300 per covered service. Orthodontics is also covered with a lifetime maximum of $1750, and after just 12 months you will be eligible for dental implant services, orthodontics, bridges, crowns and dentures. This sounds very good, but due to the cost of the premiums you will pay, you might be better off with AmeriPlan Dental Plus. Click HERE for our FAQ page.

AmeriPlan Dental Plus

This is a highly discounted dental plan that costs only $24.95 a month for an entire household, something that is far less per month than is offered by TRDP. They provide you with a toll-free number to locate network providers (1-800-647-8421), and there are absolutely no insurance companies or paperwork to deal with. In fact, AmeriPlan is not insurance!  They also have coverage of up to 80% on the dental procedures that are done, and will also cover specialized work such as root canals, oral surgery and orthodontic work. In addition to that, you also get vision coverage, prescription coverage and even chiropractic care discounts all as a result of paying your monthly premium. On some websites, it has been stated that TriCare dental charges as much as $114 a month for a family of three which is far more than the cost of AmeriPlan Dental Plus plus you can avoid the one to two-year waiting period to get more coverage.

You should consider using the AmeriPlan Dental Plus program if you are a military retiree, or anyone else that needs to have this type of coverage in their life. Note: your TriCare Health Insurance is second to none – we strongly recommend that all eligible active military & retired military members take full advantage of your TriCare Health Insurance. Your Tricare Dental is another story altogether.

Now that you know the difference between the two dental plans, how much they cost, and what they cover, if you are currently using TriCare dental insurance as your primary dental coverage, you might want to consider switching over. AmeriPlan Dental Plus is a fantastic company that can help you out with very reasonable premiums, providing you with the coverage that you will need to keep your teeth healthy every single year. It is one of the best solutions for people that need to have dental insurance that could otherwise not afforded, and insurance company that will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on taking care of your teeth regularly.

Take a few moments to find out more about the AmeriPlan healthcare and dental care discounts by clicking HERE. We think you’ll be amazed at the cost savings, the fact that we cover your whole household, and that pre-existing conditions are welcomed!

oral healthAmeriPlan discount health and dental plans are designed to save you money while providing the health and dental care you and your family needs. Get started now and you’ll be amazed at the level of medical and dental services and the low cost.

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