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The cost of healthcare these days would be too much to bear if the patient did not have some form of health insurance. Unfortunately, many people are not even able to afford to pay the health insurance premiums, not to mention the out-of-pocket medical expenses and high deductibles that insurance doesn’t cover. If these people have a medical crisis, they will receive the needed care but will end up owing much more than they could ever afford to doctors and hospitals. There are several ways that seniors or those with low income can get help with medical bills, and often this help typically comes from the federal government.

But there is another less-costly way to get help with your medical bills that we’ll cover later in this article. It’s a method that doesn’t involve insurance, government or even insurance companies. In fact, this method could very well be the easiest, most cost-effective way to get real help with your medical bills. But first, some of the most common ways to get help with medical bills.

Non-Profit Charity Help With Medical Bills

There are also non-profit charity organizations including Shepherd’s Hope, Inc. and the Patient’s Advocate Foundation that are able to offer help to those who are qualified. There are also numerous organizations that offer programs to help cancer patients with their medical bills. The assistance may be in the form of cash or referrals to Physicians who donate their services. Union Plus is an organization that provides free cash grants for medical bills to their members.

Negotiate Lower Prices

Consumer Reports states that many people are able to find help with medical bills through negotiation. Some states are guided by programs that regulate how medical debt is collected, and they ensure patients with low income are not charged interest rates if they are unable to pay their bills in a timely manner. Doctors are often willing to negotiate their charges down for patients who are uninsured and cannot afford to purchase insurance.

CHIPs Program

CHIP (Childrens Health Insurance Program)is a program that provides financial help for children of low income families. This program helps to fill in the gap when the family does not qualify for Medicaid, but they are not able to afford private insurance premiums.

Social Media & Fundraisers

Social media offers a platform for online fundraisers to help people who are in the grip of a serious illness. Extended family members and friends are often too far away to offer their physical support, but they can come together and support their loved one through an online fundraiser. Periodic updates can include videos, photos and messages to keep those separated by distance current on the progress of the patient.

Medical Assistance Programs

With so much information available online these days, people are able to find out about medical assistance programs. There are also free or low-cost online tools to ensure the amount patients have been billed are accurate, and certain companies will challenge the charge if the patient believes he is being billed unfairly.

Low-Cost Loans

People who are unable to find help with medical bills through government programs, non-profit organizations or charities might be able to get a low-cost or zero percent loan to pay their bills. If the patient or his family owns a home that qualifies for a home equity loan, borrowing against the home is a better option than losing it to bankruptcy.

There are also some credit card companies that offer zero percent short-term loans to people who have a good credit history. These loans do require regular payments in a minimum amount and are usually for a term of two years or less. This may be a good choice if the patient is not the income earner of the family, or is able to return to work permanently.

AmeriPlan Hospital Advocacy Program

There is also another great way to get help with medical bills – the AmeriPlan HospitalAdvocacy Program.

The AmeriPlan Hospital Advocacy program is designed to help members with their medical bills whenever a single hospital visit totals $2,500. (For the insured, this means the amount you are personally responsible for, in addition to  your deductible.) The charges can be incurred from multiple providers. The patient advocate negotiates on behalf of the patient (member) and pursues a wide range of options, from government entitlement programs to payment plans. There is a waiting period of three buisness days from the active date of your membership to utilize this program.

For only 29.95 per month, Why not let the AmeriPlan Hospital Advocacy Program help you with your hospital bills?

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