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Need Braces No Insurance Woes

Do you have the need braces no insurance woes? If you do have the need braces no insurance woes it is because you realize that braces are very expensive. Without any help from a dental insurance plan you may find yourself in an undesirable financial situation, possibly having to shell out thousands of dollars unnecessarily. This will be especially true if the braces are required for one of your children’s crooked teeth.

The good news for the need braces no insurance woes is that there are a variety of options to help you pay for future braces without having to go into the poor house. To proceed you will need to do some serious research and understand completely the different types of options along with a few insurance tricks to help you. The following information will assist you by providing you with some valuable information about braces.

Why You Need Braces In The First Place

Your family dentist may recommend braces for yourself or a member of your family if you have any of the following dental concerns. The first concern is for an overbite. An overbite happens when your upper front teeth have a habit of extending beyond your lower front teeth. Unfortunately, this type of dental problem can cause your lower front teeth to nip or bite in to the roof of your mouth.

You may also have a cross bite which can be corrected with a set of braces. A cross bite is serious and can cause a misaligned jaw or tooth stratification. Another issue could be if your upper front teeth have a tendency to protrude beyond your lower front teeth. This dental issue is called an upper front tooth protrusion. There are also times when a patient has a difference between a back bite and a top bite. This dental problem will affect proper dental functions and the jaw in a negative way. It is often referred to as a dental mid-line misalignment.

The final reason why your dentist will want you to consider braces relates to your children. Often a child requires more space in their mouth and braces are necessary to allow this space. Many adults who should have had braces for this problem when they were younger now may find themselves in a situation to have this issue dealt with as an adult. In some cases, both old and young may require additional dental work such as tooth removal.

Different Types Of Braces For Different Orthodontic Problems

There are a variety of braces available which can be explored in the office of your family dentist. Obviously, each variety that you can choose from will depend on the work that is required for your specific case. There can be a big difference between the different varieties of braces and your orthodontist will help you decide upon a proper type.

The most common type of braces that most patients choose are the metal wired braces. The metal used for these type of braces is stainless steel. These braces have brackets which are firmly fixed into place. This set of braces will come with elastic ties made from rubber. This will help to keep the braces secure when worn.

Another type of braces are the ceramic wired braces. Ceramic wired braces are often chosen as an alternative to the more common and traditional wired braces. One of the advantages to these type of braces is that they can be made to match the color of the patient’s teeth. Also, the elastic ties will be clear and therefore the braces will be less noticeable. These braces are often chosen for their preferred cosmetic value but a patient should be aware that they do have a greater tendency to break.

Several Ideas To Help Pay For Braces

The vast majority of folks who need braces do not have insurance for braces. And those very few who do have some sort of insurance for braces, the covered amount is pretty small, often about covering about 1/4 to 1/5 the final cost of braces.

Here are a couple of ideas to help you with the cost of braces for the need braces have no insurance group.

Monthly Payment Plan With Orthodontist

Often you can work out a monthly payment plan with your orthodontist. Often these payment plans are years-long and they can break the big bill for braces into much smaller chunks. The big thing to watch out for: Does your orthodontist add finance charges? If he does, or if he refers you to a finance company, your overall cost for braces could jump dramatically.

Those $6,000 braces could cost $8,000 or more if big finance charges are tacked on.

The monthly payment option, if offered, can help for some folks, but the overall cost for braces is still hige. And if finance charges are added, the cost could literally go through the roof.

AmeriPlan Dental Plus

The AmeriPlan Dental Plus discount dental plan is not insurance. Rather, it’s a nation-wide (with a few exceptions) pre-arranged discount plan that’s been negotiated with over 75,000 dentists to give you up to a 64% discount on braces for you, your children – or your entire family!

The way that the AmeriPlan coverage works for braces is that you will locate a dental provider in the list of participating orthodontists. You will note the fee of the participating orthodontists in your area, and you will see the fee after the Ameriplan discount, compared to the normal fee for that doctor. Using AmeriPlan can save from 30% to 70% on the cost of braces and is definitely worth looking into when looking for the best dental insurance for braces.

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You may also call us at 1-855-878-7774 if you have questions or concerns. Our service representatives will be happy to answer any of your questions and get your plan started right away. The AmeriPlan Dental program covers most common dental procedures, including exams, x-rays, fillings, cleanings, extractions, porcelain crowns, orthodontics or braces, bridges, root canals, periodontics, prosthodontics, and endodontics. The more you use it, the more you save with AmeriPlan Dental!

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