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Dental insurance for retired military personnel is a hot topic these days, and one that could impact your life if you are retired military.

Most military folks, either retired or getting ready for retirement, think that they have only one option for financial help with dental expenses – Tricare Dental. In this article we will detail some aspects about Tricare Dental, and will reveal another strong option that isn’t insurance – discount dental plans.

Tricare Retiree Dental Program

The Tricare Retiree Dental Program was established to provide dental insurance for retired military personnel. The voluntary program makes dental insurance available to military personnel and their families. Those covered by this insurance program need only pay a monthly premium to take advantage of specific benefits available through Delta Dental.

How does Tricare Military Retiree Dental Program work?

The Tricare Retiree Dental Program works the same way that any other insurance program works, by making regular payments of specific amounts you will eligible for discounted or even free rates for specific dental care services

If you have your dental care provided by a dental practitioner who is a participant in this program (also called an in- network practitioner) you will be charged a significantly lower copay than you would having your dental services carried out with a out-of-network provider.

The “copay” is the costs your specific dental care will charge you out of your pocket. Having your dental care provided by in-network practitioners will save you a huge expense that can be incurred by many out-of-network dental practitioners.

This program of dental insurance for retired military personnel also has some specific limitations on the amount it will pay according to the time an individual has spent in the program.

How much will Tricare Retiree Dental Program cost me?

The program has a relatively low upfront cost and the premiums can reduce the costs of your dental care as much 100%. Your geopolitical location will decide the exact amounts of premiums charged. You may be charged as much as $10- $15 for each person, $18-$30 for two people and families of three or more people will be charged as much as $31 – $48.

To enroll in the Tricare Retiree Dental Program you will be asked to pay four months premium as a prepayment. Once the prepayment has been made your membership will be recognized, furthermore, your unused payments will be refunded to you in as little as five months.

What is the Purpose of the “Prepayment”?

Federal law demands that an automatic deduction be made from the retired individuals account. The four month prepayment will ensure that the individual is eligible to participate in the program. Once a payment process has been established, your application can be processed.

What will the Tricare Retiree Dental Program cover and how much?

During the first 12 months of enrollment in the TDRP participants can take advantage of the following benefits:

Delta Dental will cover 100% of the costs for Diagnostic and Preventative services. This includes the costs of regular cleanings, checkups and examinations. Furthermore, Delta Dental will cover the complete costs of any Dental Emergencies.

Delta Dental will cover 80% of the costs for restorative dental procedures, this includes the costs of fillings, tooth colored fillings for work done on back teeth. Certain emergencies requiring the use of anesthetics in the treatments of minor pain will also be 80% covered by Delta Dental, leaving you with 20% of the bill and a good reason to choose an in-network practitioner.

Delta Dental will pay 60% of the costs for endodontic, periodontic and surgical procedures. These include root canals, extractions and gum treatments.

If the retired military individual enrolls in the program four months after retirement, or if they have been enrolled for over 12 months, they will be eligible for further benefits. Delta Dental will pay 50% of the costs for the following orthodontic procedures including crown castings, bridges, onlays and dentures. Dental implant services are also covered at 50%.

Other benefits are offered on a basis of once per year or once per lifetime. There is an annual maximum benefit of $1,300 each year and an addition $1,200 in emergency care for one person. An orthodontic maximum of $1,750 is offered for one person once in a lifetime.

Tricare Is Complicated & Limited

If you have read all the above, it sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Not only that but the strict coverage limits can leave your pocketbook very empty if you need a root canal and a crown – Around $2,000 at most dental offices. If you only have a maximum annual benefit of $1,300 with Tricare, then the additional $700 will be coming out of your pocket!

If you or your children need braces which cost around $6,000 per person, you will have to come up with an additional $4,250 for each person who is covered and needs braces.

All of a sudden, Tricare dental insurance for retired military personnel seems to be a lot more expensive than it looks!

Discount Dental Plans – The Lower Cost Alternative

The AmeriPlan Dental Plus discount dental plan is not dental insurance. It is a network of dentists across most of the USA (over 75,000 dentists) who have agreed to offer AmeriPlan members big discounts on virtually all dental services – up to 64% savings on orthodontics included! With AmeriPLan Dental Plus those $6,000 braces can cost as little as $2,160 – saving you a whopping $3,840 more than double the benefit from the Tricare dental insurance!

Plus, there is no waiting period, no limits on benefits and pre-existing conditions are gladly accepted (with the exception of orthodontic treatments in progress).

And, your entire household is covered for one low monthly fee (much lower than dental insurance)! You, your wife, children, mother, father, grandchildren – if they’re in your household, they’re covered.

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