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Does Medicare Cover Dental?

It’s very common to find seniors asking questions such as does Medicare cover dental procedures. Well, the straight answer to that question is that dental care isn’t covered by Medicare. Therefore, if you are undergoing various procedures such fillings, cleanings, dentures, dental plates, dental supplies and many more, you should look for alternative means of payment. Here’s what you need to know about paying for dental care procedures that are not covered by Medicare.

1. Cash Payments For Dental Services

It’s prudent to make a financial arrangement with the dentist before the procedure, especially if you are paying for everything out of your pocket.

Discounts On Advance Payments For Dental Services

Ask the dentist if he/she can provide a discount for paying the whole amount in advance. Some dentists might turn the offer down, but there are some benefits for those who accept the offer, that’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to ask. For instance, the employees in the dentist’s office have a reduced workload since there is no need to ask for payment for every visit to the office.

If you have already paid for the appointment, the dentist is less likely to cancel your appointments because he/she has increased productivity. This can be a good way to save money for the doctor since he/she always has to incur some expenses while dealing with 3rd party financiers.

Payment Plan

Some dentists will consider taking an informal payment plan from the patient. Of course, this arrangement can only work for patients with a long-term relationship with the dentist.

Prioritizing Treatment

Here, the dentist will identify the issues that need to be addressed immediately and schedule the rest over a timeframe. Eventually, once all the procedures are completed, you will be able to afford the payments.

2. Dental Financing

Some dentists have various financing plans that they can offer to their clients through 3rd party financiers. Some of the features of these financing plans include no interest payment, very low monthly payments, no up-front costs, no penalties for prepayment, no annual fees is charged and also the patient should make a quick decision about accepting the program.

Of course, you shouldn’t rush into accepting the offer without shopping around. If you find a good offer, you should try negotiating with your dentist about a better deal. You should be skeptical about the details of the financing plan offered by the dentist until you have researched more about it.

3. Discount Dental Plans

With a discount dental plan, your dentist of choice has an agreement with a company that provides deeply discounted fees for patients for referrals. No haggling or hassle on your part! As a member, you might be required to pay a low membership fee either annually or monthly. The plans are very easy to use, can include cosmetic dental services; you can receive other discounts from the plan and many more benefits.

Of all the options for great dental care if you are on Medicare, a great discount dental plan will save you the most money, cannot deny you coverage and will cover pre-existing conditions (with the exception of orthodontics in progress).

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