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Maintaining an optimal level of oral hygiene can provide health advantages many of us think are completely unrelated to regular brushing, flossing and rinsing. But the important health habits we learned when young have benefits that reach beyond healthy teeth and gums.

Extend Life With Healthy Teeth

Evidence of a healthy bohealthy teethdy will be manifest in the mouth, and vice versa. Furthermore, people who regularly attend to their personal oral hygiene, do much more than lower the risk of cavities and increase the life of their teeth, they increase the life of their …LIFE!

Seriously though, there has been a steady growth in scientific evidence proving that a sanitary mouth, teeth and gums is essential in preventing a variety of maladies common to humans. Following are a few of these examples that highlight the connection between a healthy body and a healthy smile:

Clean Teeth and Self Esteem

Unhealthy teeth and gums not only cause bad breath and an unattractive aspect, even to an otherwise beautiful person, but can go on to affect levels of confidence and self-esteem as close friends and loved ones begin to politely keep their distance.

But maintaining a healthy smile with healthy teeth speaks volumes about a person’s self-worth. A healthy mouth in good conditions presents less aches and pains, makes the eating process more enjoyable and even helps the individual get a good sleep at night.

Healthy Gums and Reduced Risk of Heart Disease.

Certain issues of the cardiovascular system have been associated with gum diseases and the chronic inflammation they cause. This includes strokes and blockages in the blood vessels. Although the medical community, has not yet affirmed this cause-and-effect relationship, it is a connection that has been repeatedly observed and is worth considering.

Oral Hygiene and Increased Cognitive Skills

A report was posted in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry that described a study done on adults suffering from gingivitis, a condition associated with bleeding gums. The study tested the memory, verbal recall and other cognitive skills of these adults against a group of healthy adults.

The results, those with gingivitis displayed inferior cognitive skills compared with healthy individuals, especially in the areas of verbal recall and subtraction, skills most of us can’t get through our days without.

Increased Resistance to Inflammation and Infections

People with poor oral health have been found to be at higher risk of developing more serious health conditions. Clinical studies have found a connection between rheumatoid arthritis, which is a disease that causes uncomfortable inflammation of the joints, and swollen aching gums.

Experts say the deterioration of certain tissues is strikingly similar when observed in gum disease as it is in arthritis and could be effected in a similar way. The best ways to avoid gum disease are with a balanced diet, regular visits to the dentist as well as the regular application of floss, mouthwash and toothpaste for healthy teeth..

Full-Term Gestation Periods

Believe it or not oral hygiene has also been a contributing factor to healthy babies and full-term pregnancies. Women exhibiting unhealthy oral conditions have been found to have a much higher rate of premature birthing and even low birthweight in babies.

If you didn’t already have a good enough reason to keep your pearly white pearly white, you now have some incentive to attend to this important part of daily grooming. By committing to this important investment in yourself, you will be banking good health for your later years.

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