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Telemedicine, according to a Google search is “the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology.”

Telemedicine is a modern and extremely convenient way for people to see a doctor without physically going to a clinic or a hospital to see a doctor in person.

There are many different ways that telemedicine can be used, this includes telephone, email, wireless apps, two way video conferences, smart phones and many other forms of advanced technology in the world of telecommunications.

The use of telemedicine has become quite popular over the past forty years. It began as a way in which hospitals were able to care for patients in far away and remote locations and is now a part of hospital operations, private practices, specialty departments, the homes and workplaces of consumers as well as home health agencies around the world.

American Telemedicine Association

Telemedicine and telehealth have been considered historically by the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) as terms which are interchangeable and they cover a definition of remote health care which is quite broad . Transmitting still images, monitoring vital signs via remote, wireless applications which are consumer focused, video conferencing techniques for patient consultations, nursing call centers, and many other applications are all vital parts of telehealth and telemedicine.

Although many times the term telehealth can be used in reference of a more broad definition of healthcare which is remote and may not always have to do with clinical services, the terms are used by ATA in a similar way as someone could make reference to health or medicine in the language.

The term HIT (health information technology) is closely allied to telemedicine. That being said, health information technology tends to more commonly refer to electronic medical records and other information systems services which are related and telemedicine tends to refer to the use of technology to to actually deliver medical and clinical services to remote areas.

AmeriPlan AmeriDoc

Until recently, seeing a doctor without actually leaving your home was merely a dream – until the AmeriPlan corporation introduced Ameridoc. The AmeriPlan AmeriDoc telemedicine feature lets you contact a doctor by telephone or email around the clock – exactly when you need a doctor.

Access to Telemedicine has never been easier or more cost-effective thanks to the AmeriPlan Healthcare package that gives you access to a physician 24/7 when you need help the most. And all you need to use AmeriDoc is a telephone or an email account!

Using the AmeriPlan AmeriDoc telemedicine benefit is as easy as pie – you just need a phone or an email address and convenient, quality care is only a call or a click away! And the cost is much less than a traditional doctor’s appointment – as long as you’re enrolled in the AmeriPlan Med Plus (click HERE) or AmeriPlan Combo Pack Health plan (click HERE).



The AmeriDoc telemedicine feature is especially convenient and easy to use and you can count on these great benefits;

  • No waiting period.
  • No pre-authorization for treatment required.
  • No paperwork.
  • Instant savings.
  • Specialists included (Where available).
  • Most ongoing medical problems are included.
  • Cosmetic surgery is included (Where available).
  • No age limit.
  • You can change physicians.

The rapid growth of telemedicine and all the great benefits can be yours for pennies a day with the AmeriPlan TeleDoc telemedicine feature that’s part of the AmeriPlan Med Plus (click HERE) or AmeriPlan Combo Pack Health plan (click HERE).

Give us a call at 1-855-878-7774 to find out if AmeriPlan AmeriDoc telemedicine is for you.

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