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Need help with large medical bills?

Unfortunately, medical bills are a leading cause of bankruptcies in the U. S., and can really wreak havoc on family finances.   

Did you know that AmeriPlan’s Karis 360 medical advocacy group will help reduce your large medical bills to the bare minimum?

Listen to these proven testimonies of people who got help with large medical bills:


Jessica is a 19 year old who was recently diagnosed with blindness. She is a barista at a coffee shop and barely making enough money to cover her bills and her medical plan only covered a small portion of the bills. Due to cascading financial events as a result of this diagnosis she is currently living in a car with her fiancée. She was very anxious about the bill and was desperate for assistance. She was emotionally overwhelmed and reached out to our team to see if we could help negotiate this bill. The Advocate was able take the burden of this away from her. He was able to get her bill 100% reduced through a program at the facility. Needless to say, she  was ecstatic over the results and grateful that the Advocate was there for her when she had so few options available to her.


Jack’s wife, Rose fell ill with cancer and passed away late last year shortly after the Advocate received her case. During frequent phone calls and follow-ups, Jack was dealing with so much personally and financially, not knowing what to do without his beloved wife of over 35 years. Along with this heavy burden, Jack soon discovered he also had cancer and was scheduled for treatment in early 2015. The Advocate worked diligently with Jack to get his wife’s medical bills reduced as well as Jack’s. Jack’s health did improved and he was so thankful to be able to not only have the Advocate’s help for his wife’s bills, but his as well. – Jack received an 81% discount on all bills adding up to over 1 million dollars saved for the member.

Results: 81% discount resulting in over 1 million dollars saved


The Karis Group Advocate worked with Sarah during a difficult time, having lost her husband and then having to deal with so many medical providers and bills. Sarah really appreciated the chance to offload some of the burden of the medical bills and let the Advocate negotiate on her behalf. Not only did the Advocate obtain over $76,000 in medical bill reductions, but the Advocate had a chance to support and care for a member who was still grieving and sorting through a time of losing a loved one. Sarah was appreciative for The Karis Group assistance.

These are real stories with verified savings.

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