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All righty ladies and gentlemen let me give you an idea of the difference between between the Pikes Peak Strategic group AmeriPlan and Delta Dental with us you’re paying just for your dental plan $24.95 per month that includes dental vision prescription and chiropractic services for your entire household. We are going to demonstrate how discount dental beats dental insurance.

I received I should say we received an advertisement from Delta Dental and providing their website asking us to go on and get a quote that quote the minimum charge just for dental for the life and I was $67. it also required a contract and we each only got $1,000 of benefits per calendar year and that is just absolutely crazy when we’re giving you more five times as many benefits for $24.95.

And then you pay an extremely discounted rate for services that you can use anywhere in the nation take a hard look at the Pikes Peak Strategic group the Ameriplan corporation thank you.

discount dental beats dental insurance

Discount Dental Beats Dental Insurance In Cost

If I could add to that and speaking of discount dental Beats dental insurance and Bernard referred to the Delta Dental which we’re not putting down, they’ve been a fine company across the country nobody know AmeriPlan has been around for 27 years. We’re not a fly-by-night operation, we save people money and that’s what the name of the game.

In this day people looking to save money and get quality dental care and we’re talking about dentists very similar to what Delta Dental has. They’re all licensed dentists across the country and our plan is transferable so if you live in Colorado and you happen to be in Arizona like I am now I can use that same program here in Arizona.  If I’m in New York I can use it if I’m in know why I can use it or if I’m in Southern California or Michigan so our discount program dental program is really geared to the householders.

Bernard says but we also offer three other programs with the division care and so forth and our chiropractic services as well we get a lot of seniors and others who are out doing various athletic events and they might be in need of a chiropractor where they get some of you know achy bones or so forth.

But we’re emphasizing a discount dental program and I just was amazed at the fact that and I think Bernard went one step further when he said that the basic program was maybe 67 or 69 dollars per month (for dental insurance) I think the next level probably was around 110 as I’m talking to people around the country – that’s pretty expensive. When I’m talking to people as an AmeriPlan rep trying to educate them on discount dental versus regular dental insurance is the fact that an insurance product may be okay. I preface it by saying may if your employer’s paying for it (your dental insurance) but if you have to pay for it is a whole different story just getting a thousand dollars of benefits per adult in the family per year when the average crown costs about $1,500. And who knows what else you may need during the year!

Discount dental beats dental insurance.

Our discount dental plan covers an entire household and you can go to the dentist as much as you want.

I know here in Arizona for a basic first visit normally runs about $120, with our discount dental plan you’ll pay about forty or forty-five dollars for the exam and walk out the door. So, you can see the significant savings with the Ameriplan discount dental program and I encourage all our listeners and viewers around the country to take a strong look at the AmeriPlan discount dental program versus that insurance product.

Discount Dental Beats Dental Insurance In Services

Once again those of us who have worked over the years we’ve had dental we’ve been accustomed to dental insurance and I did too when I was in the workplace and it was okay because the employer was paying for the insurance and paid a small percentage on the insurance costs. But once you are out here in your own being retired or you lose that job , that dental program does not follow you and you have to come up with the money to pay for your monthly dental payment and so that’s where you need to really look at the discount dental program like our discount dental plan which has been around for many, many years.

We’ve been featured on Good Morning America, Wall Street Journal and other reputable business magazines and so forth and we can really say family a lot of money on dental service.

All Dental Services Discounted – Age Not A Factor!

I wanted to pose a question when they want to differentiate between a young person’s teeth and a senior person’s teeth they’re still teeth there shouldn’t be an additional charge because you’re a senior. You’re still going to get your teeth clean if you have a cavity it’s not a senior cavity it’s a cavity so why should you have to pay more or be put in a separate category?

With the Pike’s Peak Strategic Group and the AmeriPlan corporation there is no differentiation we just take care of your oral health period. So these are things that we want to get clear for customers and let them know we’re here to take care of their household individually or collectively and not differentiate.

We to help people and we think that’s some great information for our fellow Americans around the country

Dental Insurance Severely Limited

Right now, there’s a lot of advertising on the various cable network and local news about dentists, dental health and so it can be quite expensive for the average family and go to a dentist these days when we’re talking about $1,400 for crown when you talk about braces in particularly.

We do a great job on braces (with discounts). I was talking to a prospective customer the other day and he got quoted something like fourteen and fifteen thousand dollars to put braces on two of his kids and I had mentioned to him with our AmeriPlan discount program in a number of states we can offer braces for as little as twenty three for twenty three twenty four hundred dollars total from a licensed orthodontist.

People are shopping around because dentistry is getting more and more expensive. The cost for materials and technicians to put together dentures and to do the orthodontist work is quite extensive and expensive and a lot of the dentist’s office that you go to they will offer some type of financing through a third party.

We say well, that’s fine and good, that’s something that the patient can work out with the doctor’s office but you still want to get the lowest rate you can get you know up front to help save you considerable money on your dental services.

We also include some benefits for vision care – we also offer lasik surgery so for 50% off across the country so you get a lot for your money when you talk about Ameriplan discount dental plus a month $24.95 with that equates to is 83 cents a day to cover your whole household and it’s a month-to-month membership program.

It’s not insurance, ladies and gentlemen, I want to repeat once again our discount program is not insurance but it offers you just a number of opportunities to help save your family a considerable amount of money on your dental services.

We just encourage people to get to the dentist a couple of times a year to prevent those big of those large dental bills which people took realize once you’ve gone to 3-4 years without going to the dentist.

You might go in and have to spend two or three thousand dollars so prevention like anything else is very important. We encourage people to go to the Pikes Peak strategic group and give us an opportunity to educate you on the best way to save you on save you and your family on your dental services – thank you.

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