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The Pikes Peak Strategic Group’s mission is to provide information and access to quality affordable healthcare services to individuals, households, and businesses.  Under AmeriPlan® Corporation’s stewardship and commitment to value-oriented discount fee-for-service programs, PPSG is poised to deliver a full range of high quality dental and healthcare services to meet your needs.  Programs include general and cosmetic dentistry, children and adult orthodontics, LASIK, chiropractic services, prescriptions, podiatry services, hospital advocacy, cutting edge telemedicine, and more.  With AmeriPlan’s® Dental and Healthcare programs there are no waiting periods, deductibles, exclusions or previous medical conditions

Healthcare today is most important for everyone.  Let PPSG guide you in your healthcare decisions.



PPSG’s Vision is to provide access to quality, affordable healthcare and dental services.


About thePPSG Members

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Hello everyone.  I am Margaret Harris and I am one of the founding members of the Pikes Peak Strategic Group.  We have been together for several decades and as a result, my husband is volunteering his time to this collaboration while I work to complete my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management.  Like many Americans, I multitask to ensure that I succeed.  We started that process like many others by reaching the goal of National Sales Director Spring 2012 with the AmeriPlan® Corporation.

Many couples can only progress if they are a team.  My husband Bernard is a combat veteran with numerous medical issues, but he has an MBA in International Business.  He uses his education to assist me while at the same time I question him by keeping him active mentally and thereby allowing him to fight off the symptoms of TMI, Traumatic Brain Injury, suffered during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  My husband feels more a part of the family while he helps me with my business.

Bernard’s symptoms of PTSD are not nearly as prevalent as they used to be since I have been able to keep him more engaged in day to day family issues.  Since he joined my church, his closer association with God has really made a dramatic difference in his overall attitude.  He has suffered a fewer nightmares and he does not wake up nearly as much at night.

My husband’s trials with his health issues have taught me the necessity of medical and dental care for all of the American population.  My overall goal is to help as many individuals as possible receive the best medical care possible via the AmeriPlan® Corporation.  I am especially sensitive to the needs of fellow military families as I know from my own experience that these necessities are more than most families can afford.   Traditional insurance companies [even Tricare products that are for active and retired military members and families] can take quite a bit out of the family budget.  I have learned from AmeriPlan that their discount services are far less expensive than what is advertised on television.  AmeriPlan provides essential medical and dental services to public at reasonable prices.

Believe me, my husband and I know what it is to need medical and dental.  What was promised during my husband’s tenure in the military has evolved [and not for the better].  As a result, my purpose is to ensure that people learn and utilize what is available to them through the technology of web and social media.  AmeriPlan and its products will save this country money, one household at a time.

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Why AmeriPlan? In June, 2006, after retiring for a second time as a Director of Security andTransportation Services; I’d previously retired as a Director of Public Safety, in the State of California, 1998. I was invited by a co-worker to hear about an exciting business opportunity with several other attendees. The meeting was held in Colorado Springs.

I listened to the presenters, as they spoke about AmeriPlan’s’ discount health programs and how a potential business owner could make money or save money for family, friends and the community. I had never heard of AmeriPlan® Corporation or the dental and health programs. I knew many people in America, couldn’t afford regular insurance due to the high cost. AmeriPlan’s medical and dental monthly memberships and discounted prices in my judgment could help the average worker throughout the country. I signed on on as an Independent Business Operator (IBO) within a week and I earned my first $100.00 sale the following month. It was a very exciting experience for me to make a profit by working from home and assisting a customer to save money. What a tremendous business opportunity!!

As I continued my AmeriPlan business over the years; there were many ups and downs like many other small business owners. So, I always said to myself, why did you join AmeriPlan? To help others save money, to become profitable and to leave a legacy for my family. With those thoughts in mind, I proceeded to learn the AmeriPlan product line, attend all training sessions and National Conventions. As a result of hard work and focus, I was promoted to Regional Sales Director in 2009, received my vested contract with the company. I then advanced to the top, as a

The mission of the Pikes Peak Strategic Group (PPSG) is to be a nationally known and accessible website designed to be a “one stop” website that provides each American household with a myriad of medical, financial or professional discount services that fully support each program member. Services provided by the PPSG include, but are not limited to medical professionals in the following area: Hospitalization, the full range of dental services, optometry services (to include Lasik surgery), prescription programs, chiropractic services, podiatry services, state-of-the-art AmeriDoc® services, shopping, travel, and recreational discounts. Our discount services also include: a myriad of financial services, and debt relief. Through the PPSG, each customer will be totally assured of receiving the best quality services from the very best professional providers in the nation!! The Pikes Peak Strategic Group (PPSG) is committed to continuous professionalism and superior customer service for its medical members and the local communities we serve. To that end, with five years we will be the premier discount representatives for AmeriPlan® Corporation throughout the nation.

National Sales Director in 2012, with bonus rewards. Moreover, I won a 1992 classic Cadillac Allante, hard convertible at the AmeriPlan 20th Anniversary Convention, July 13, 2012. Wow!! It was an exciting day for my wife Geri and me.

Edward and Geri Harrison, National Sales Directors

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Hello to everyone.  I am a divorced single mother with of two children, two dogs and a formal education in Information Systems and Technology and certifications in the industry.

Like everyone in today’s society, I was looking for something to help me provide for my children and myself along with guaranteeing a healthier environment. Like many others, I looked into numerous opportunities. I realized that loyalty to a particular corporation does not guarantee financial safety as it used to decades ago.  As a result, I began to reconsider network marketing. I realized that as long as my time was owned by corporations and their whims, I would never be happy. I had an epiphany that my time should be dictated by the needs of my children and myself.

I was lucky enough to have been introduced to AmeriPlan® USA by my parents, Margaret and Bernard Harris [Nation Sales Directors]. I joined AmeriPlan, knowing that I be able to would work with my upline as a team to move my family forward financially. In order to move forward, I realized that having a dream or goal set in front of me forces me to keep going. That goal is to ensure that I have a legacy to pass on to my children.

I wouldn’t be a National Sales Director with AmeriPlan today without the help, support and benefit of my upline sponsor and my team. Now of course, nothing comes easy.  I have reached this rank through hard work and dedication.  I know that there is a thought process in the public that success is done on your own. I am a perfect illustration that success is possible when you have a team of partners who have similar beliefs.

I want what most Americans want. I want to Make money AND Save money. AmeriPlan can help with that goal. Come be a partner with PPSG and me. Let AmeriPlan be the vehicle to achieve the dreams that you have set for yourself.


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Hello everyone, we are Bill and Mimi Gamble, and Taking Care Today is a slogan my wife and I selected after discussing what we really needed to do about our health – to take care of our health today, not tomorrow but today!  It’s really what we all should do, and do it the most efficient way possible.  It’s something we had always done in our Air Force career, but now we are a slight bit older, and we don’t have the advantage of the Air Force medics always reminding us of the things we need to be mindful of health-wise.  While we enjoy the privilege of earned medical benefits from a military career and Medicare, we know that millions have the same needs but don’t have many of the benefits we enjoy.  That’s where AmeriPlan can be of tremendous benefit – providing medical assistance in the most efficient and economical way possible.  Even for us, AmeriPlan’s dental and vision support program beat’s anything the government provides hands-down.

We are proud to be AmeriPlan agents, and encourage you to “Take Care Today” by taking a close look at AmeriPlan’s various medical and other support programs.  We know you will find a program that fits your needs and your budget.  Call us, we’ll be happy to give you all the AmeriPlan details on how you can save money, make money, but most importantly take care of yourself and your loved ones.


Bill and Mimi Gamble
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