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Health And Discount Dental Plans

Superior Health and Dental Care Immediately Available!

No Waiting Period – All Conditions Accepted

High Quality Healthcare & Discount Dental Plans includes:

PPSGBullet100% Satisfaction Guarantee – No Risk
PPSGBulletHospital Confinement where the patient can save up to 80% on their “entire” medical billDiscount Dental Plans
PPSGBulletReceive additional discounts on a full range of Medical Procedures, such as: Diagnostic Imaging & Radiology, Laboratory Services, Lasik Vision, and discounted diabetic testing supplies
PPSGBulletAccess to a licensed Physician 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year
PPSGBulletConsultations for $17.50 per call – some calls are totally free!
PPSGBulletSavings as much as 50% on medicals bills – without insurance
PPSGBulletAcceptance of Pre-existing conditions
PPSGBulletNo waiting period
PPSGBulletSavings of 10% – 85% on prescription drugs

PPSGBulletQuestions? Visit our FAQ HERE!


AmeriPlan® Dental Plus Program includes:

PPSGBulletDental, Vision, Prescription, and Chiropractic Discounts ranging from 40 to 80 Percent
PPSGBulletObtain Braces for children at over 30,000 Dentists while saving more than 60%
PPSGBulletAdults can receive Braces at the same Dentists and receive over 60% savings, and save over 56% for dental crowns
PPSGBulletAll procedures and benefit plans are available in 44 of 50 states beginning at $19.95
PPSGBulletAmeriplan Lifestyle Plans that include all of the above, plus many additional benefits/programs, are available starting at $50.00 with the Premier Plan available for $150.00
PPSGBulletQuestions? Visit our FAQ HERE!


On August 2010, Good Morning America Show, The AmeriPlan® Corporation was spotlighted by Melody Hopkins as the best discount healthcare company in the country.

PPSGBulletDon’t let current health issues delay your signing up!
PPSGBulletEveryone is accepted with our Health Care Plans!
PPSGBulletAll plans cover YOUR Entire Household, and YOU DEFINE YOUR Household
PPSGBulletOur discount programs are NOT insurance. Providers have agreed to participate in our discount programs giving our members discounts on services rendered!!
PPSGBulletCosts are kept to a minimum by computerizing nearly all services via incredibly secure sites. Also, all payments to AmeriPlan® will be done only on the 3rd or the 18th of the month
PPSGBulletFor many years AmeriPlan® has been associated with a vast majority of the Fortune 500 companies recognized around the world


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